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Cognac "50 ANS" MAUXION

This expression is a blend of cognacs that are at least 50 years old. Exact details unknown.

Nose: quite a few sweet, fruity notes, but here they are beautifully veiled by earthy notes. Then chocolate cake, Café Frappé and vanilla pudding follow each other in quick succession, finally ending with a touch of fruit stew.


Elegant, refined, almost sexy! Yes, this cognac is very tasty on the tongue. Orange, cloves and saffron are at the front, tropical fruits appear in the middle (pineapple, star fruit and even mango) and grapefruit, mint and wood spices appear at the back. Grand.

The aftertaste is heavenly. Long, sweet, spicy, drying but above all satisfying.



DISTILLED: 1967 - 1973

REGION: Fins Bois

ALC VOL: 54%

BOTTLES: 90 bottles


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