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"IN2SPIRIT" was born out of a growing passion for whisky.



“IN2Spirit” is an initiative of Tijs Denuwelaere from Ypres and Steven Demarez from Waregem (Belgium). Both have been fascinated by all the world of whisky offers for over 10 years and decided to join forces.


The desire to share the magic of whisky with others arose at the end of 2020 after a number of drams (how could it be otherwise!). Soon after, the preparation began. Coming up with a brand name was the first challenge. After much consideration, a name that encompasses our passion came up: “IN2Spirit”. We therefore market single malt whisky under this brand name.

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In the whisky world, our business is described as an "independent bottler", but that is somewhat misleading. We do not bottle ourselves, but have this done by a third party. In the case of 'Scotch whisky', for example, it is required by law to have this done in Scotland, otherwise you cannot include this description on the label.

The word "independent" is correct, because an independent bottler such as IN2Spirit is not tied to a distillery and is therefore free to decide which casks to purchase. Once purchased, the casks remain in stock in Scotland indefinitely. Has the time come when we deem the whisky fit for release? Then we order the bottling, work out the label and arrange all administration so that everything can come to Belgium. This all sounds simple, but the entire process can easily take several months.

Tijs got a taste for whisky around 2008. Not much later, a whisky club was founded in Ypres that regularly held tastings, so that the 'world of whiskey' really opened up. That club ceased to exist, but Tijs decided to pick up the thread and founded a new club in 2017: the "Ypres Whiskey Friends". In the meantime, the club has organized over 20 tastings to a loyal group of whisky lovers.

Steven is a member of whisky club “The Weedram Whisky Society” from Zwevegem and also joined the Dram Brothers Whiskey Society from Luxembourg in 2013. Steven first became acquainted with whisky when he attended a tasting of Johnnie Walker with friends in 2007. Things took off in 2009 when he contacted an old classmate who worked at a local spirits shop. During an open house he met a now world-renowned whisky authority, which fueled the interest in whisky even more. This was followed by regular card game evenings at friends' homes, in which rich tasting and lots of laughter were invariably the main ingredients of these memorable evenings.

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